The morphological dictionary of the Ingrian language is a piece of software meant for use on personal computers. This program translates Ingrian words from and into Russian and English, builds inflectional paradigms, and plays sound examples.

Following the links at the bottom of this page you can download the dictionary program and the sound examples for the dictionary entries. The sound examples are words, phrases and sentences recorded from the native speakers of Ingrian. They are linked to the corresponding words in the dictionary. Each sound example is transcribed and translated.

The dictionary materials come from the Soikkola dialect of Ingrian as spoken in the 21st century.

The program is designed for Windows operating system.

The current version of the dictionary is a work in progress that will be further developed and improved.

We appreciate any feedback! You can find our contacts in the section About us.

The work of Fedor Rozhanskiy was supported by the KONE foundation (project "Morphological dictionary of Ingrian: an innovative language resource for a gravely endangered language", 2015-2018), and the work of Elena Markus was supported by the Hõimurahvaste programm (project "Isuri keele õppesõnastik", 2017-2018).

We are tremendously grateful to all Ingrian speakers who helped us to collect and translate the dictionary materials. The electronic morphological dictionary of Ingrian comes as the result of this productive collaborative work.

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